No matter how big or small the amount of money you can donate, every little really does help in making a difference. Your contribution can go a long way in bringing about positive changes in the world.

Make a donation

Our dream is to create a better world without this deadly disease and to promote a healthier lifestyle for all. However much you can afford to give, your donations will help our cancer charity to continue dedicated work on this cause.

We can only continue our work through your kindness and generosity. For a cancer charity like us, donations both big and small make a huge difference to our research. You make it possible to fund teaching hospitals and universities throughout the UK, so together we can prevent cancer for future generations.

No matter how individuals choose to donate, their support is instrumental in advancing our mission of preventing cancer and saving lives. Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of countless individuals and families affected by cancer. Join us in our commitment to a future free from the burden of this devastating disease.

Donation options


One of the most straightforward methods is a one-time monetary donation. Whether it’s a small amount or a larger sum, every contribution makes a meaningful difference in advancing cancer prevention research. Donors can make a secure online donation through our website, providing a convenient and efficient way to support our cause.


Monthly giving is another impactful way to support the Cancer Prevention Research Trust. By becoming a monthly donor, individuals can provide ongoing support that helps sustain our research initiatives over the long term. Monthly donations allow us to plan programs with greater stability and certainty.

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