Get Involved
Being a cancer prevention research charity, we rely solely on your donations, memoriam gifts and legacies to fund the tremendous work taking place in teaching hospitals and universities throughout the UK to help fund cancer prevention. Even the smallest contribution can make a difference.

Ways to help support us


No matter how big or small the amount of money you can donate, every little really does help in making a difference. Your contribution can go a long way in bringing about positive changes in the world. Every single act of giving has the potential to make a huge impact and create a brighter tomorrow!


Why not do something amazing and fun while supporting vital cancer research? Whether you want to run a marathon, host a charity bake sale, or shave your head in solidarity with those affected by cancer, there are endless ways to get involved and make a meaningful impact.


Leaving a significant amount of money to a charity of your choice in your will is a powerful way to create a lasting impact on causes that matter most to you. With the option of legacy giving, you can confidently leave a long-lasting legacy that will benefit future generations.


Honoring the life of a loved one through a memoriam donation is a powerful way to show respect and make a meaningful impact. By contributing to a cause or organisation that was important to them, you can express your love and confidence in the legacy they left behind.


Mark your special occasion with a confident and timeless tribute that will endure the passage of time. Choose to dedicate a tree, start a garden, or place a bench in a meaningful location, ensuring that your love, friendship or milestone accomplishment is commemorated with a lasting reminder.

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